”Growing of a child”

Bipin Kumar

Child are born with pure soul
Adorned with natural smile
And having artistical profile
Every gesture is free of deception
Absolutely innocent and charming
Without any child exception.

But how they are grown?

Transplanted in the pot of corruption
Irrigated with shower of lie
Fertilized with violence and domestic violence
Trained with drama of deception
Prunned to become egocentric
And soul gets filled with this worldly stuff.

Child are not responsible for
These satirical generous manner
The fact lay here
This evil society does not wear
Any good sacrament or etiquette
Even for their near and dear.

Talk to yourself,care yourself, discover yourself,meet yourself,know yourself, know what needs to you,because you are important for yourself then for others,you will know the importance of others,you will  know the need of others and you will achieve the humanity.
Name:- Bipin Kumar
Jnv Rajgir (2012-19)
City:- Patna (Bihar)
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