Go, and go on with eyes open
You must gain if you try and try again
The rymes of rivers and music of wind
Shining of sun abounds our mind
From monastry to culture of science
Unfold the pages of fear and conscience.

Proverbs myths and superstitions
may despare you or be charmed
Prove keenly with wisdom un-armed
Secure the truth to keep them alarmed
The worldly possessions are most topsy turvy
Garefully walk on the way to Journy.

Thought, with confidence help you decide
work with reaseon or will confide
Pull or push but carefnlly look.
A little mischief may ever shook.
Rush to find, not to ruin your face
Know, slow and steedy wins the race

You will ever find yourself busy
Never you shonld impart work so hazzy
Did you share any thing brief or lazy ?
Ever you shonld have your time so crazy

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