The World

Dr. G. Bhakta

Where life prevails,
In time space and causation.
And manifests nature
In varied forms of creation .
Bound in law.
With universally tied,
Creative action
And reaction unified,
Nature abounds in
Diverse situations
Comparatively depending
On scope and dimention
Life generates and
Creates infinite,
Treasture to consume
Grow and survive.
The Earth and ocean
The valley and mountain
Evergreen fields,
Rivers and fountain.
Wealth buried
Deep in mines
Above the ground
Sun brightly shines
Birds and animals
Roam and play
Pleasure and beauty
The natures display
Stars and planets
Air and cloud ,
Sun and moon
Make us proud.
Revolving seasons
Provide us pleasure
Role of nature
Explore mystic information
Art ,Science,Astrology
And all.
Supplements the nature
With artificial abode.
Nations and continents
Civilization and culture
All we observe
Are world’s structure.
The physical identities
Are full of spirit.
Sense implies in
Every living unit.
The lively village
Grazing herd
Dancing peacock
And chirping fowls
All sing the balad
Of almighty
And His gifts
Pretty heavenly.
We do pray Him
And worship and love
He is the maker.
Sustainer and solves.
Need and deed in.
Every moment the world revolves
School ,institution
And philanthropic centres.
Totally high light and
Signify the creater .
The world is vast
Unique and devine.
Self generated , but
Ultimately sublime.
This is the material world ,
Simultaneous with forms .
And their features
Manifestly performs.
Nature is unitary
Formless and subtle
Still transitory
But most a noble.

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