Dr. G. Bhakta

Progress Prosoerity and Peace
Should be our aim of life .
Go ondoing the best you can
For the facility people and all to servive .

Life is moral , still you are warrier
In battle on earthly possession .
For better making in life and global peace
Must earn so far you get perfection .

God is almighty and we are begger .
We naturally need substances to afford .
So keep in mind also to pray lord .
To reach near satiety you remain no longer .

He is all pervading and universe abides in him .
Grains and cloths will never satisfy .
But the kind aboed of heven will provide
Equal stream of love and supply .

The work will deprive you but He never
Believe in and only in his compassion so ever
Confliction and ambition evoke you to fight
Love and to serve fills you with heavenly light .

Shower pity to whoom your cruelty split
It will keep up at peak of uplifts
Your possession pride and cousion give no ease
But ease to these are factors of peace .

Don’t flatter for you all are one
Where escape you globalization or liberalization
Conflict of taste and vision will ruin you
No more you can survive nor be sublime .

Your sacrifice is nothing but love to mankind
No more , gold or glory attain
So your near and dear at the cost of money
But service to exploited ever need harmony .

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