Dr. G. Bhakta

I LIike  to  be a poet .

 I like  ever to do, that

I Iike  to  think and tell.

 I Iike to do as well.

 I Like  to have integrity of mind

 And  concentration in  my  life

 In  every  situation and time ,

 Ishall  never  loose it behind.

Ishould  see the event

And should learn its content.

 What does it mean and  provide,

 That ever  prevail in  mankind.

The truth  thar even  satisfies

 The  evil  that every one  denies. 

 Are  the facts  of  realisation,
It means,  it  is  our  civilization

 Come  with us  conjoined submission,

 Being away from  ambition, provocation.

 Enjoy the unity of  life and  soul.

 And song of  universal tie as  well.

 Atrocities and  pain give  way  of correction.

 Mind it always and  fight for  perfection,

 Replace pang  poverty  and exploitation.

 With peace  progress and prosperity in creation.

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